Making of a memoir

The sections that follow together comprise my memoir in progress. It currently stands at about 55,000 words, but to make it more digestible I am compartmentalizing it into sections with a common theme.
As you can see, the first six sections below are yarns of my voyages afloat, from the time at the tender age of 23 when I had my first “adventure” as I rounded the southern tip of Africa on a yacht from the Simonstown Sailing Academy, through our indescribable adventure in the British Virgin Islands over New Year’s weekend in 2012/13.
The order is not chronological. The first yarn tells of how my love of sailing originated and developed over a 20-year span, while those that follow detail specific adventures afloat. The one highlighted in blue is the most recent … and it, indeed, was the
Ultimate Adventure.
As I write this, I am planning the next one. Come back in a few months for the next installment.

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