Here are some of the unsigned editorials penned while I was the Opinion Editor of the Glendale News-Press from 1995 to 1999.
In this capacity I served as moderator of the Community Forum and also chairman of the Editorial Board which consisted of the paper’s publisher and senior editors. Our positions were decided by consensus (not unanimously), as is customary at most publications.

However, the board relied on me to bring potential editorial topics before them for consideration, so in effect it was I who set the agenda for the topics addressed in the paper’s most influential section – and, thus, the topics that were the talk of the town.

On several occasions, then-Mayor Larry Zarian invited me on his cable television show to defend positions taken by the News-Press, and I did so with relish. There is nothing I enjoy more than a spirited, rational debate about important issues of the day. With reasoned argument supported by verified evidence, let the public decide.

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