Reporting with a mission

Here are some of the breaking news stories from Warren’s early career as a cub reporter for the Cape Times in Cape Town, South Africa, followed by a stint on the national Sunday Express tabloid, and then the Rand Daily Mail, a Johannesburg daily newspaper later censored out of existence.
The Daily Mail was one of the most strident, vocal opponents of the Apartheid regime during its most oppressive years. When half the newsroom was drafted into the Armed Services simultaneously in June, 1975, it could only be interpreted one way: retribution. We were given 10 days to report for duty, but some of us chose instead to do the only honorable alternative.
I was one of several who decided the only positive contribution we could make to this terminally dysfunctional society was to withdraw completely from it, refusing to provide the fruits of our labor -- and tax dollars -- to support such an abhorrent, immoral and indefensible system of oppression.
Purchasing a round-trip ticket to avoid scrutiny (white, Anglo emigrants leaving on one-way tickets were thoroughly debriefed by the security forces upon exit, and some never made it), I and a cohort embarked on a British Airways flight to London some10 days after we were due to show up at mandatory military training.
I have never since felt so exhilarated as when the jumbo Jet lifted off the tarmac … and we were “free, at last!”

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