Brewery gallery (click image to enlarge)

“BROKEN: The Last Supper” by Kevin Rolly is huge. Taller than him, by at least a foot. And, the story of its creation, just as enormous. Read it. It’s a tale worth telling…and reading.

This hood ornament needs no explanation. (Cover the kids’ eyes, please.)

Videographer Craig Amromin, caught in the act! Isn’t this the essence of post-modern media? You shooting me shooting you … shooting me … Oh dear! Its like a Fun House mirror, infinite perspective. Hurry, Craig, I beat you to press (or pixels) by HOW MANY HOURS?

Well, it wouldn’t be me without a cigarette in my hand, would it? Thank you Dave and Dave’s Bride, who were sitting on the curbside, each with their own smoke, when Dave snapped this shot.

You have to see this image and the next on one screen. Sorry, I don’t know DreamWeaver well enough to do that. Do you? Jeremy Cairns was a great sport … …..

“Little Mort,” by artist Coop, can only be the Grim Reaper giving the finger to Death. Don’t miss the little heart on his chest.

……. This is the companion to the previous image. Doesn’t he have a magnificent grin? Thanks, Jeremy.