San Diego sojourn (click image to enlarge)

Ocean Beach looking north. Is there a subliminal message in this image? :-)


I sat on a bench to enjoy having the "author" read to me from his famous novel "The adventures of Tom Sawyer." He told me history has it all wrong … he never meant to be so clever.

beach cafe web

We had brunch at one of our favorite bistros – Tower Two Beach Café on the waterfront in Ocean Beach. It's the only place I know of where dogs can dine at the table with their guardians overlooking the beach and Pacific Ocean. Alas, Roxy stayed with Joanne for this; she is usually with Bjorn and me.

Hila and Bean 1

Hila and Bean enjoyed the ocean breezes as they await adoption. Momentary friend Jade stopped to say hello.

ice cream1

A mid-afternoon snack included a fabulous hot-fudge sundae.

dogs white1

These fluffy four-legged friends were so adorable I just couldn't resist getting a big sloppy kiss.